Apply for a grant to carry out your TFG or TFM on the Internet of Things (IoT)

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  • The IoT Chair has launched the second edition of the scholarships for engineering students to carry out Bachelor’s or Master’s degree projects on a series of proposed topics related to IoT and energy management.
  • The scholarship grant beneficiaries will be accompanied by WoodSwallow professionals, as well as a financial endowment of 3,500 euros.

The Internet of Things Chair, promoted by the University of Seville and the technology-based company WoodSwallow, has launched the second edition of the grants for engineering students at the University of Seville to carry out final degree (TFG) or master’s degree (TFM) projects in the 2023/2024 academic year. These projects must deal with one of the specific topics proposed by the chair related to IoT and smart energy management. 

We are living in a time of transformation in the way we do things, the way we work, the way we have fun, the way we travel…. Authors such as Peter Drucker speak of the “Knowledge Society”, philosophers such as Castell point out that what characterises this technological revolution is not the quantity of information and knowledge, but its application in the generation of knowledge and the processing of information and communication, in a circle that feeds back on itself. To make this possible, everything must be interconnected, and information must flow naturally, from its origin to its consumption, passing through different stages of processing. IoT, together with Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing are some of the enabling technologies for this transformation. Unlike other digital technologies, in IoT there are no entry barriers so high that make it impossible to create innovative companies in our environment, such as Woodswallow, which is consolidated worldwide in IoT markets such as Smart Metering. The University of Seville, through its research groups, collaborates in technology transfer and promotes quality applied research. The scholarships of the IoT Chair represent a unique opportunity to introduce young graduates to an attractive market with a strong demand for professionals or to start a research career in one of the most ambitious and challenging fields of at least the next decade“, explains Antonio Jesús Torralba, Professor at the University of Seville and director of the Chair.

WoodSwallow, through the IoT Chair, maintains its commitment to training engineers in fields such as Smart Metering, embedded systems, real-time operating systems and sensor networks, among others. “Companies have the opportunity to invest to improve Spain’s competitiveness in these areas. In recent years it has become clear that being able to innovate, design and produce electronic devices in Spain and Europe is of great importance to maintain our independence and compete with other world powers. We cannot be left behind. For our part, we are joining forces with the adhesion of WoodSwallow to the new ‘Cátedra USECHIP’ of the University of Seville, whose objective is to strengthen R&D&I, training and dissemination in the field of microelectronic design“, explains Manuel Álvarez, CEO of WoodSwallow.

Can I apply for a grant?

The IoT Chair scholarships are aimed at students from any discipline of engineering at the University of Seville. They aim to support students who carry out their TFG or TFM based on one of the topics proposed by the Chair. These projects must be submitted by September 2024 at the latest. With this initiative, the chair seeks to promote research and development in the field of the Internet of Things and intelligent energy management.

What do the scholarships consist of?

In this second edition, the IoT Chair will select two students from among those who have applied. The selected students will benefit from support grants that will last five months and will have a financial endowment of 3500 euros to carry out their TFG or TFM.

Each of the students will be supported and accompanied by a WoodSwallow professional to carry out their project. “We are confident that the support of an expert engineer in the subject chosen for the project will not only provide the student with technical guidance but will also allow them to come into direct contact with the reality of the professional world and soak up the experience and projects that we carry out at WoodSwallow”, says Manuel Álvarez.

Topics proposed by the Chair

The students awarded a grant will have to develop their TFG or TFM on one of the following topics. The first topic proposed is the design and simulation of printed circuit antennas for IoT embedded equipment. The second topic proposes the study and testing of new network technologies for IoT oriented to connected homes: Thread and Matter.

Thirdly, analysis and simulation of printed circuit boards and, finally, the fourth topic consists of the use of the JTAG interface for functional hardware testing. More detailed information on the topics proposed by the IoT Chair can be found here.

Application deadline

The call for applications for the IoT Chair grants are published in the website of the Research Foundation of the University of Seville (FIUS) and the deadline for applications is 18 April 2024.

To request any information regarding the grants or to ask any questions, please contact the Chair through: Contact – IoT Chair ( or by sending an email to

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