WoodSwallow joins CSA to contribute to the future of the IoT

by | Mar 11, 2024 | NEWS, WS

WoodSwallow has joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly known as the Zigbee Alliance, as a member. CSA brings together more than 600 companies across the globe, spanning the entire IoT value chain, including companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, NXP, Schneider and many others. CSA provides partners with the infrastructure and processes needed to accelerate the innovation and time-to-market of their IoT products and solutions.

Building the Foundation and Future of the IoT

CSA’s focus is on three main aspects: developing and managing IoT technology standards, product certification, and promoting the value of IoT technologies and solutions globally.

The first involves the creation, evolve and management of IoT technology standards through a collaborative process. The association provides companies with practical, usable assets and tools to ease and accelerate development, freeing them to focus on new areas of IoT innovation. Secondly, they have certification programs that help association members avoid unnecessary development cycles, ensure compliance, and validate product interoperability. Finally, CSA members spread the word about the benefits of global, open standards and the value IoT brings to customers and consumers. All this to break down the barriers to broad access and adoption of IoT technologies and solutions.

WoodSwallow joins some of the world’s most innovative companies to bring our knowledge and experience in the IoT field and contribute to a connected future. Being a member of the Alliance gives us access to documentation and resources that will help us continue to provide the best possible service in the design and development of IoT products and embedded systems to our clients“, said Manuel Álvarez, CEO of WoodSwallow.

As a CSA Adopter Member, WoodSwallow can now use existing, approved specifications to build products. In addition to accessing completed, approved standards documents, certify products through Alliance certification programs, and use Alliance technology logos and trademarks for certified products.

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